Houseplant Expert Busts Common Plant Myths

Darryl from @HousePlantJournal stopped by the Epic Gardening HQ and busts some common houseplant myths.


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00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Are Houseplants Bad For The Environment
04:25 – Why Are My Plants Yellow
06:55 – Misting, Pebble Tray, Humidifier, Do they work
09:53 – Watering The Top Or Bottom
11:48 – Watering With Tap Water, Is It Good?
15:43 – True Or False: Houseplants Thrive In Low Light
15:53 – True Or False: Grow Lights Are As Just As Good As Sunlight
16:08 – True Or False: Houseplants Clean The Air
16:59 – True Or False: Playing Music Helps Plants Grow


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15 Replies to “Houseplant Expert Busts Common Plant Myths”

  1. My Grandmother used to say…"When rain comes from hell, THEN I'll water from the bottom".

  2. The tapwater discussion reminded me that if you're trying to raise bug-eating plants like Venus flytraps, you really do need to find a water source without any excess nitrogen in it. Most tapwater has too much nitrogen for them and they will die! So while many many plants will be happy on tapwater, it always helps to check the specs for the plant you're growing and the water you're using.

  3. Oh Kevin, you know you'll be doing the houseplant thing once you get the outdoor areas situated. I know I went back and forth between my outdoor plants and my houseplants regularly, and once the outdoor areas finally hit a 'groove' I was able to get back into my houseplant obsession 🙂

  4. So excited for my LTH to be shipped. I purchased it after Charmaine’s @unplantparenthood episode

  5. I heard the NASA study about the air cleaning was in an airsealed environment with no ventilation. Everytime you open your door or window it "cleans" your air way more than any plant could

  6. I can’t get into houseplants.
    If I can’t eat it, or it doesn’t attract pollinators to things I can eat, I just can’t grow it. ????

    If I want to look at a beautiful thing inside my house, I just look at my wife. …Babe, can I please buy this raised bed, 47 seed packets, and two fruit trees?

  7. Great video! Answered a lot of my long time questions. I started my gardening obsession at 14. No body inspired me I just liked it. So, I have a question about breathing over my seedlings and house plants to give them carbon dioxide. Does it actually help! It does feel good hanging with them. Maybe more for my benefit than theirs. ????

  8. Calatheas do not like tap water so people need to use rainwater.It's funny because I've excelled with the difficult houseplants but the so called easy ones, like peace lilly, dracena janet craig I have killed via cold damage, or over fertilizing. The game changer for me was the soil, soil drainage and aeration is key to the over watering issue.

  9. Off topic comment but I’m getting ready to set up my garden and I’m using a soaker hose and plan to get a hose timer. Does anyone have recommendations on a good timer thats not too expensive?

  10. What he said about the humidity. I bought an orchid after killing my last one from Santa Ana winds and immediately stuck it in my shower cuz I knew it's my one enclosed, humid space in my apartment. Haven't needed to actively care for it since. ???? Definitely agree with the know & consider ur space to increase efficiency.

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