How a Champion Stallion Lives

A major real-estate decision looms for the top thoroughbred colts of the Triple Crown racing season: which luxury farms should they choose for their second career as a stallion? Pia Catton has a look at some of the most eye-popping pastures.
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11 Replies to “How a Champion Stallion Lives”

  1. Horses were not meant to live indoors. All they need and want is 24/7 turnout and an available shelter. These people have way more dollars than sense.

  2. Only the lucky ones live like this. Some go straight to breeding for money or the slaughterhouse to be murdered.

  3. If you want to comment about horse racing no something.
    1. Sending horses to slaughter is illegal and an automatic permanent ban from the industry. All racehorses are microchipped for this reason.
    2. The vast majority of stud farms actually keep their horses outside in 1+ acre fields for HOURS on end. They go in, eat, get a bath, then they go right back out. (If differs in breeding season).
    3. These horses have access to world class vets and top class care. They are loved and taken care of. They probably get better care than most children to be honest.
    4. I know this HASN’T been brought up (but I know it will in the future) horses are NOT drugged. They are drug tested before and after every race as well as randomly in between. Lasix is not an enhancement drug. It’s a prescription only therapeutic method to help the horses breathe.

    Again, if you want to judge I suggest you know something before opening your mouth. Spend time in the industry. Ask questions and talk to people in it. Learn something. Lastly, if you still don’t like it then do something about it. Complaining on YouTube and not doing anything about it makes you just as guilty as everyone else.

  4. Some horses get to go to a barn to get retired if there owners care about them and some owners just care about money and winning so when the horses can't race any more they usual get dsent to slaughter witch is really sad

  5. heres my take on this. In the end theyre still horses with natural instinct. No matter how much of a top athlete they were they still want to be a horse. i think theyd enjoy getting to live out the rest of their lives in a pasture actually getting to be a horse rather than fancy stalls with automatically filling water, thats where our human instinct takes place.

  6. I wish them all the best but thos is just about … Money. Why pretend? No win … Glue factory.

  7. Coolmore, Ashford, or Taylor-Made are some of the more top class stud farms a racehorse could go to.

  8. I think Claiborne (where Secretariat retired) or The Meadow (where Secretariat was born and raised) is where most top class thoroughbred racehorses should retire but, that is only my opinion.

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