How Bad Is Heavy Drinking on the Brain?

Regularly drinking substantial amounts of alcohol can do long-term damage to the brain, even in people who never get drunk and aren’t
addicted. Melinda Beck joins Lunch Break to discuss. Photo: Getty

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15 Replies to “How Bad Is Heavy Drinking on the Brain?”

  1. Strong alcohol can clean brain plaque like that on your teeth it also helps shy people become more social and relaxed. Cambridge fails you because they want their $ and alcohol provides none for them.

  2. Wow 😯 such informative info cause im such a mess with my booze drinking that i blackout and am worried about my drinking these last few yrs

  3. I drink at home to numb my depression and sometimes to enjoy a drink to feel the intoxication that's addicting. It makes my anxiety 50%+ worse, it's like brain inflammation.

  4. I’m 30 years old and have maybe been drunk 10 times in my life. I don’t drink any alcohol, never really understood the need for it. Also I feel sorry for the people who post pics of themselves drinking like that’s a big achievement lol

  5. Been hard drinking for almost 20 years and I'm actually going crazy. My aorta is taking a beating, as it is now enlarged. My mind is also going nuts. I'm losing my mind, and I'm hoping to stop some day, but I feel I cannot. I'm what you call a alcohol dependency case. I am trying to stop, but I feel I cannot. It sucks. Almost 20-30 drinks a day at 38 years of age.

  6. Any drinking not only heavy.One drink is changing your thoughts for 18-24 months.Ups and downs and many more stories.Alcohol people drinking real name is Ethanol.Ethanol is in petrol in U.K now.Registered as STRONG POISON AND VERY ADDICTIVE DRUG…Ethanol-Alcohol

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