How Fine Art Is Closing Deals On Multi-Million Dollar Homes | Forbes

The luxury real estate game continues to evolve. It’s about more than just the house itself – it’s about selling a perceived lifestyle. To help buyers imagine themselves draped in heightened taste, realtors are turning to staging collections of fine art and sculptures, which has created a niche business opportunity for those closely connected to the art world.

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14 Replies to “How Fine Art Is Closing Deals On Multi-Million Dollar Homes | Forbes”

  1. I know wine, can build a cellar, I paying in acrylics, and could use a new set of wheels….🤔💯

  2. Hi sir Good day !
    It seems u're a big fan of luxury paintings

    I'd like to offer my friend's Artwork from the most papular national artist Mr.Ronald Ventura

    Big on size like 4×6 / 6×3
    And it's being exhibit in HK at the most high appraisal value

    Pls let me know where i can possibly contact u
    So i can send it all the details soon

    Thank u very much ..
    I'm GabrieL from Phillippines

  3. nice……I also need an expert Art collector who can give me the right value for my painting

  4. wouldn't it have been nice if someone involved in the creation of this video had thought to include artists' names? Beside the point, you say? lol.. treated as wallpaper or dinner settings. tacky all around.

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