How I Deadhead Roses! 🥀✂️❤️ // Garden Answer

How I Deadhead Roses! 🥀✂️❤️

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18 Replies to “How I Deadhead Roses! 🥀✂️❤️ // Garden Answer”

  1. Wow, beautiful roses! I would probably take this process as an opportunity to use some of the “not quite spent” stems to make a bouquet.
    The purple spiky flowers near one of the areas! Are they delphiniums? Just beautiful!! 💚💚💚

  2. Thank you for the rose deadheading instructions. Very helpful! Heading out soon to deadhead my rosebushes to outward facing, 5 leaves.

  3. So incredibly helpful… thanks so much for all your information. I’ve been lucky with roses I haven’t done anything to them but now that I know how to really deadhead them and trim them back it’s awesome info!! Love from CO

  4. What a great video and the music was lovely. Which reminds me, when are you going to play your piano for us? ♥️

  5. Super helpful video! I had workers smash some of my shrub roses, so I cut off all the broken stems in late spring and now have some wild, crazy stems growing. Do you ever preventative spray roses for spider mites? Great video 😊

  6. That slow-mo part where you're pruning amongst the roses and larkspur (?) was so relaxing I could watch a whole video of it!

  7. Do you have any tips or info on the Peggy Martin Rose? It’s a climbing version and it’s done blooming for the season.

  8. I planted 2 oso rose bushes this year. Do you need to prune or dead head at the 5 leaf or more on this rose bush? Or can you just prune the spent blooms on this variety? Your video's keep me dreaming and adding more to my beds every year.

  9. We would love to see your parents garden again we missed last season we don’t want to miss it again this year. Please Laura take us with you touring your parents garden ♥️♥️ I bet all of us wants to see their gardens and please don’t forget about to continue with videos in Spanish please

  10. Rose Flower , yay really beautiful .
    Informasi yang sangat membantu untuk berkebun bunga 🌹 . Thanks You for sharing .

  11. Thank you Laura! To see it up close it sure helps since I am visual like you! 🤗💗🤗

  12. Really good information. This is why you are one of my favourite gardeners on YouTube!

  13. Thank you for this video on dead heading, have you done a video on how to prepare your roses for winter. Sorry if I missed one but where I live it's hard to have the roses to come back every year!

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