22 Replies to “How I eat Natto for breakfast! Easy rice bowl in the morning #natto #rice”

  1. I lived in Japan 6 years and avoided natto at all costs. The smell is killer ????

  2. "This one is for you"
    No thanks I would prefer eating something that is appetizing and edible.

  3. Mo-gyeong never eats raw-beef and /nat ddo/.
    Btw, i love steak you know.
    ????Vivian wears traditional Chinese*costume.
    ☕️????Me and you not relevant to eatings are always slim for sure right? ! ????

    #R e f e r e n c e
    Not just i think as researched children' diet
    raw eggs may not be good.

  4. I dunno… I just can't eat anything that looks like I just sneezed it out first… ????

  5. I tried natto when I visited Japan. It came cooked in bound corn husks. Very unique texture and flavor I would highly reccomend adventurous eaters to try this recipe from the great CookingBomb!

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