How much $$$ to attend the MET gala?? #shorts

Oh wow… I couldn’t believe the price of MET gala tickets went up so much. They weren’t cheap before that either?!

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28 Replies to “How much $$$ to attend the MET gala?? #shorts”

  1. And I read , the room are crowded and hot . We have poor education, our children are hungry and getting killed in school . But rich people have money to throw away

  2. Yes, but, who knows, you overcome yourself, pay the 50,000, go there, you are at the table with a billionaire, there are strong sparks between you … e voilà … your bet is multiplied by 1,000. Best regards

  3. So a "basic" (cars go up to 6 digits) Tesla with air or a ticket to the MET Gala…. hmmm.

  4. Metropolitan Museum of Art annual big FUND RAISER! So us peasants can enjoy fine art too. ???? say TY?

  5. The amount sounds really high, but it's not cheap to mount a major exhibition or to run a museum year-round. The Costume Institute has to raise its own funding, and the event is a fundraiser. I'd love to see the budget breakdown!

  6. I think the world would be a more interesting place if people just started making their own clothes again.

  7. Well that gives it a different perspective! I wonder how much of that $30,000,000 finds its way into Ms Wintour's pockets.

  8. We should stopeven talking about this way too much controversy are and this event and the one person all powerful is just ridiculous

  9. I don't think any of those alleged celebrity clowns pays at all. The brands and other companies pay and invite them to sit at their table for free.

  10. I'm sure that the attendees have accountants to find a way to write the cost of the ticket off. How the other half lives, eh?

  11. The Met museum was like a church for me growing up in NYC, I loved it and still do but the gala is a bit much- but the museum will go on and be it’s wonderful self ???? ( I hope!!)

  12. It is a fund raiser. The Met costume department has to find its own funding. Considering the air time these stars get they should pay more.

  13. This is very interesting Justine! The numbers are insane looked at from a normal person's standpoint.. Also I'd say decentralise fashion! I'm pretty sure not all noteworthy design work in fashion is the one Anna and her friends choose to show us through Vogue or events like these

  14. Why we care about them at all and all these fashion statements that they claim to be art. Sorry, but I dont see how these costumes will go down in hustory the way Vermeer paintings did or Christo installations did and so on… it seems like it is more for these people ego. Honestly I prefer old money people and even royalties, at least they show class and style and no unnecessary body parts ????

  15. It's not worth it honestly. I prefer visiting the met museum without all of these celebrities and loud noises.

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