How Ocean Spray Farmers Harvest Billions of Cranberries

On this episode of ‘Dan Does,’ host Daniel Geneen heads to New England to visit Keith Mann’s cranberry farm to learn about the tricks and gear behind Ocean Spray’s harvesting operation.

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Host/Producer: Daniel Geneen
Directors: Daniel Geneen, Murilo Ferreira
Camera: Murilo Ferreira, Connor Reid
Editor: Christian Moreno

Executive Producer: Stephen Pelletteri
Development Producer: Ian Stroud
Supervising Producer: Stefania Orrù
Associate Producer: Julia Hess
Audience Development: Terri Ciccone, Frances Dumlao, Avery Dalal
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18 Replies to “How Ocean Spray Farmers Harvest Billions of Cranberries”

  1. In many years when the population is 4 billion:damn…. There’s more cranberries than us

  2. I worked at E & J Gallo Winery for 7 years here in Fresno, CA during crush season which is only Aug-Nov. I worked the 10p-7:30a shift when all the grapes come in to get crushed to make wine & juice. It's an amazing process just like the Cranberries.

  3. I never purchase Ocean Spray can cranberry because they are canned in heavy corn syrup and fructose. Which is a very bad sweetener for the digestive system. I prefer canned cranberry with cane sugar or moon fruit sweetener. Which is usually found in the health food stores during the holiday season.

  4. Ok, I was going to say how much I love cranberries but now all I can think of is all the spiders who didnt make it out of the water!!!!!

  5. I find it funny that not only does Ocean Spray not sell seafood, but they don't sell anything related to salt water at all.

  6. Well, people think cranberries grow in water bec they always show commercials they’re in water

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