How The RealReal Cashes In on Pre-Owned Luxury Brands | WSJ

Resellers of designer clothing and apparel say there’s no reason to be closeted about buying and selling pre-owned luxury wearables. The RealReal consignment company is cashing in on the trend.

Photo: Lydia Randall/WSJ

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14 Replies to “How The RealReal Cashes In on Pre-Owned Luxury Brands | WSJ”

  1. The RealReal DOES NOT sell close to retail. Nobody buys used clothing at full price. You buy used clothing because you want a deal. At least 50% off retail. The average price for resale is 25% of the. Original retail. EBay used to own this business 100%. Now there are many sites. It is a buyers market when it used to be a sellers market.

  2. I was heavily inclined to BRANDS for clothings & footwear during my university days … Now that I earn more I don't care about brands … Just anything which looks comfortable & good … Even if it's on sale on road 🛣️🙂 … Now I feel like puking 🤢 of anyone talks about brands.

  3. I feel like a lot of what is happening in the world is just people cooperating and communicating more and that companies are losing out on not being able to sell 50 cent trousers for 500 dollars. I bet they are suing them.

  4. :),I love your channel,thanks for sharing , I buy the same product from last week, shipped by EMS,good quality !!!!!

  5. I have to take a marketing class for my business management degree and this was one of the better videos I have had to watch and review.

  6. I honestly think diseases like syphilis is a thing that only upper income people get and spread not to mention skin fungi etc… I would never buy a second-hand item I'm a serious germaphobe. I don't care what luxury brand name it has. Kinda like viruses bacteria and fungus… they don't care how much money people spend on items. Now you know where you got that skin disease from after you bought something luxury secondhand item off the internet when you never had it before…

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