How to assemble your KeySmart with expansion packs

This video details how to assemble your KeySmart in just a few minutes. The KeySmart holds 2-4 keys with its original screw. Note: We have recently come out with an 8mm screw which expands the KeySmart to hold up to 8 keys and a 12mm screw which is used to expand the KeySmart to hold up to 14 keys. If you receive a longer screw, simply replace the original screw with the longer one. If you need to expand your KeySmart to hold more than 14 keys than please place the expansion pack on the original screws, not the 8mm or 12mm screw. Have any questions? Please email and check for discounts.

5 Replies to “How to assemble your KeySmart with expansion packs”

  1. If you lose the screw, or the part that the screw screws into, can they be found at any hardware store or do you have to order the expansion kit to get those parts? And, will KeySmart parts also work on your competitors products, like KeyStax and KeyBar? Thanks. Great product, I must add!! I have been using them for years now, completely satisfied!!

  2. Wow been doing it wrong for over 10 years. I have no idea where my expansion kit is have to order another one.

  3. So, you don't put spacers between each key, but only use the spacers when you need to be flush to the post?

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