27 Replies to “How to Blow Dry Your Hair to Prevent Damage and Excess Oil”

  1. People think I’m crazy for saying air drying my hair makes it greasy quicker! I also find I pick at my hair more when it’s air dried.

  2. Any ideas how to stop excessive hair shedding? My hair isn’t breaking, it’s falling out a lot (I’ve had all my bloods and it’s not medical)

  3. Easy when you have straight hair, impossible when you have curly hair. If you don’t want frizz you must dry immediately and use mousse.

  4. Hi Abby! I've been watching your videos for a while, and some of your tips sound amazing! But do they all work for curly hair? I constantly have product in my hair (stylers), will it interfere with pre shampooing?

  5. I air dry my hair because I’m trying to get it healthy (it’s not working), but anyway, when my hairdresser blow drys my hair, it gets oily just as fast as it does when I air dry.

  6. When I do it at 80% dry or even a tiny bit. Wet, my curly hair turns into a lions mane.

  7. i have been trying air drying and blow drying both for my low porosity staight hair and I can say that blow drying is much better . I didn't get any split ends for the past 6-7 months and breakage after wash has reduced because half of my hair fell out when they were wet . Air drying also weighed my hair down .

  8. I don’t have time to let hair air dry 80% before drying. How can get around that?

  9. Completely understand about the oiliness of my roots as well Glad I'm not the only one

  10. Thank you This is all I needed to hear I really thought air dry made my hair feel worse until I started drying it a little bit it felt so much better thank you

  11. Could you please explain how air drying can cause more damage to hair than blow drying? I'm stumped.

  12. How on earth does air drying damage the hair??? You literally don’t touch it or do anything to it! At least I don’t.
    Can someone please explain…

  13. It takes 20-30 minutes to blow dry my hair. If I don’t dry it all the way I always get sick. I just started using the microfiber towel (and leave it on for 15 minutes) and it still takes 20 minutes to blow dry my hair afterwards. If I do what you suggest I won’t make it anywhere on time ????

  14. My stylist always suggested to dry the roots first. You don't want the scalp area to be in a moist environment, on top of that, if you keep the hot air flow in the same direction as your hair growth, it's less damaging to the cuticle.

  15. I just realised it is the white liner giving your eye that shocked look. They look amazing without makeup. As does your face. You actually have beautiful curves to your face.

  16. Aim the hairdryer downwards to protect the hair cuticles and give a smoother look (not that you have a problem with that).

  17. Every tip you have given, has made a big impact and I am so grateful. Thank you for sharing the wealth!!!

  18. I'd like you to elaborate as to how air drying can be worse than blow drying, besides something like falling asleep with it wet.

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