How to Brine a Whole Chicken: Cooking with Kimberly

Web chef, Kimberly Turner, of teaches you how to brine a whole chicken in this video.

She shares with you the reasons for brining, how to brine, options on brining, and some other cool stuff too.

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20 Replies to “How to Brine a Whole Chicken: Cooking with Kimberly”

  1. It’s about that time players, I’m back to brush up on my brines !! Stay safe and cook that turkey responsibly, don’t drink and drive you might spill your drink!

  2. Hi Kimberly if i was to do two chix should I double the ingredients?? By the way as Beautiful as you are you should be on the Cooking channel I wanna see more of you. Cheers

  3. Love the video…. Love AC/DC!
    Was looking for good brine before BBQ'ing chicken and this one is really nice!
    I don't really like "marinating" with salad dressings or anything else of the sort.

    Thanks for the recipe and the info!
    P.S. Can't sit it outside as I am in South Texas and it's still 85° at 10:00pm!

  4. I use this brine to smoke my turkeys every year. I always come back to it and it’s always a perfect turkey. Thank you for posting this video .

  5. Brined for 72 hours. Pluse a set in the fridge for an additional 24 hours. Turned out delightful!!!

    Just low salt and sugar ratio.

  6. Wow I just pulled my brined chicken off the smoker that is the only way to make a chicken

  7. One of the things we always do with a turkey is cook it breast side down . Weird but it’s out family treat . The turkey is always the best . Never dry . Cooked in the bag breast side down.

  8. do you put your seasonings in the brine or over the meat after the brine?

  9. Cuestion ,? About adding some spice dry pepper,,like chipotle,guaillo,etc,,,,what u think,,, hello from Boise, Idaho, USA

  10. For ages i couldn't work out why some chickens were so moist and some were not, now i know the secret was the moist ones have been brined. Thanks for the tip i will be brining my chickens, turkeys and pork from now on, plan on testing this recipe on my parents this weekend. Should go nicely on the weber kettle rotisserie.

    As others have mention shame about the video quality it was a little disconcerting seeing the lag as you spoke, none the less the message got across. Wish me luck with the brining.

    Nice Triceps buy the way, looks like someone likes the gym, its good to see.

  11. You're too pretty not to have a better camera. Btw, tell your mom that most turkeys like butterball are pre brined anyway. I hate when people turn their noses up on stuff without trying the end product. Good video.

  12. for how long do you let the bird sit in the brine? and when it's out do you wash it out or dry it up or just use it the way it come out ?

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