How to build the Ultimate Workbench – part 5 – Wheels for the workbench!


Our workbench becomes mobile in this video as we build the retractable wheel system.
This is the fifth video in a longer series about making a versatile Workbench/Workstation. This project is especially awesome for small workshops but the general construction methods can be used for any size wood shop!

Here´s a short list of tools that I use or that went into the workbench. These are affiliate links that will lead you straight to the amazon page of the item.

Amazon USA:

My integrated Router:

Kreg Routerplate (predrilled for my integrated router) – now black

Kreg Routerplate – not predrilled (for any router to self drill)

A cheap drill guide, similar to mine (not high precision)

Amazon Germany:

My Twin-Screw Vise:

My integrated Router:
Meine Einbau-Fräse:

Kreg Routerplate (predrilled for my integrated router) – now black
Fräsplatte – vorgebohrt für meine Einbaufräse:

Kreg Routerplate – not predrilled (for any router to self drill)
Fräsplatte – nicht vorgebohrt:

My drill guide (not high precision)
Mein Bohrständer (keine hohe Qualität, Nacharbeit nötig):

Watch the entire series:

The design is based on a workbench from a German woodworking magazine, presented in two of their issues that I bought a couple of years ago and in this video:

My website:

20 Replies to “How to build the Ultimate Workbench – part 5 – Wheels for the workbench!”

  1. Very nice. I've been watching many videos on this subject. Your design is quite elegant, yet very strong. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Very elegant! Perhaps a thin nylon plate for the eccentric to rub against will be smoother. This is a really nice design!

  3. Wait a minute. You made "small mistakes" while figuring out how to build the thing you're building? And then you have the gall to admit this in public? I thought all you Youtubers were born with all the knowledge and perfect mastery of every skill possible and imaginable in crafting masterpieces! You mean you're just like the rest of us? Somehow I'm going to have to figure out how to ignore that information while watching this video. I can't go around thinking you're not perfect or anything. 🙂

  4. Hi Neat work, the only bit I would do different is to bolt the wooden pivot/bearing/dowel holders to cross member as load would be applied up on them as the casters are pushed down otherwise great job ,G

  5. 14:37 how did you ensure that the mechanism cant flip out like you see here? It looks like it can happen by pulling at the leverage or did i miss something?

  6. Cracking bench idea and liftable caster's.
    Did I miss the part how the Dowl stops sliding out the holder's after time?

  7. Hi Tomas,
    An excellent build, I would like to know when u you shall be releasing the plans for wheels. I am about start building my new workbench and would like to add the castor wheels to it just you’ve attached them. Please advise

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