How to build the Ultimate Workbench – part 9 – It´s a Workbench!!


I can´t believe it! It is a workbench! In this episode we arrive at a major milestone as we put in the t-slot rails and the holepattern, enabling all main functions of this workbench.
From now on we will only keep adding practicality.
This is the ninth video in a longer series about making a versatile Workbench/Workstation. This project is especially awesome for small workshops but the general construction methods can be used for any size wood shop!

Here´s a short list of tools that I use or that went into the workbench. These are affiliate links that will lead you straight to the amazon page of the item.

Amazon USA:

My integrated Router:

Kreg Routerplate (predrilled for my integrated router) – now black

Kreg Routerplate – not predrilled (for any router to self drill)

A cheap drill guide, similar to mine (not high precision)

Amazon Germany:

My Twin-Screw Vise:

My integrated Router:
Meine Einbau-Fräse:

Kreg Routerplate (predrilled for my integrated router) – now black
Fräsplatte – vorgebohrt für meine Einbaufräse:

Kreg Routerplate – not predrilled (for any router to self drill)
Fräsplatte – nicht vorgebohrt:

My drill guide (not high precision)
Mein Bohrständer (keine hohe Qualität, Nacharbeit nötig):

Watch the entire series:

The design is based on a workbench from a German woodworking magazine, presented in two of their issues that I bought a couple of years ago and in this video:

My website:

21 Replies to “How to build the Ultimate Workbench – part 9 – It´s a Workbench!!”

  1. Super nice! You've built an amazing work bench. I'm sure you will have many, many years of enjoyable use from this.

  2. Welche alu schiene hast du für die T-Nut verwendet? Kann man sie auf dem Deutsche Markt finden?

  3. Really great series, you obviously are a great craftsman, but you have a real talent for teaching too. The descriptions and explanations are brilliant! Please keep up the good work, its a joy to watch your videos. Its the best workbench build I've seen so far and I've watched loads of them, hoping to glean some inspiration to upgrade my rough old monstrosity of a bench!

  4. ⚙️🔩🔧⚒️ Very nice project 🛠️, great video 🎥 !! _ Congratulations! 👍 🇧🇷

  5. Привет! Очень понравился твой верстак, можешь прислать чертеж или 3D модель мне на почту? Хочу сделать такой же. Удачи тебе. Мне нравиться твой канал. Привет из России.

  6. Wow! That's a great piece of kit. Well done – and I love the way you planned your workshop!

  7. Perhaps I missed it, but were the basic (length and width) measurements for this bench posted?

  8. Nice bench, I build mine 40 years ago, ouch I'm telling my age! Looks like you do not have a 5 inch random angle sander, it is cheaper to run as it uses a lot less sandpaper and faster than that antique does, I have not used mine in over 20 years. Looks like I'll be throwing that out this week.

  9. Gratuliere zu dieser feinen Workbench. Hast dir richtig Mühe gegeben und ist klasse geworden. Wünsche dir viele coole Projekte damit. So macht das werkeln richtig Spaß.

  10. Every well done Thomas! This is one of the most unique designs I have seen on YouTube! I have been looking for workbenches that are multipurpose and this one definitely fits that bill. Congrats

  11. Exelente trabajo amigo Podria brindarme los planos y medidas por favof geacias saludos desde perú mi correo es :

  12. interesting thing i found with routers, if you get that the router is pushing away, try going in the opposite direction. you can also check which way the bit rotates and avoid the mistake all together

  13. Ok, the workbench looks GREAT! But you still didn't answer the most pressing question at hand….where can we get those overalls like that?!??!?

  14. hye😃 im from malaysia…what model the planner machine that you used? how much? i wanna buy it..😃👍

  15. what a great build , this is good timing for me while i plan and layout my own workbench/router table/outfeed table with draws for tool storage and have mobility to move it around my two car garage.

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