How to Catch the Most Expensive Salmon in the World — Dan Does

On this episode of ‘Dan Does’, host Daniel Geneen visits Alaska-based Kyle Lee, the founder of Alaskan Salmon Co., to join him as they go out fishing for the day to catch salmon. After their time on the boat, Dan joins Kyle as the fish they caught is packaged and sent off.

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Host/Producer: Daniel Geneen
Director: Richard Cooper
Camera: Richard Cooper, Hannah Pratt
Editor: Howie Burbidge

Executive Producer: Stephen Pelletteri
Development Producer: Ian Stroud
Supervising Producer: Stefania Orrù
Audience Development: Terri Ciccone, Frances Dumlao, Avery Dalal
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  2. Can't explain my excitement when I sat down with my food and unexpectedly saw a new Dan Does 🥰

  3. If you are excited about catching one fish, you are doing it all wrong.

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