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Costa Farms teaches you tricks for choosing and caring for orchids.

When choosing an orchid, make sure the leaves are firm and green, the blossoms are not damaged and that there are a few unopened buds.

There are four factors to keep your orchid blooming for a long time:
1. Light exposure
2. Temperature
3. Moisture level
4. Fertilizer

Direct sunlight can cause sunburn and ugly black splotches on an orchid’s leaves. The larger an orchid’s leaves, the less sunlight it needs.

Orchids are tropical plants that need a warm environment, between 65 and 80 degrees, to thrive.

The best way to water your orchid is to use the sink and drain technique. Remove your orchid from the pot, place it in the sink and run the faucet over the roots for about 2 minutes. Water early in the day at the roots to avoid moisture settling overnight. Never over-water your orchid.

Follow fertilizer instructions carefully. Make sure your orchid is slightly damp when you fertilizer, and don’t over compensate the fertilizer concentration.

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  1. My orchid was a beautiful gift. It is planted in a stone planter and when I water it, the water runs out immediately. I watered it once with water mixed with a tiny bit of miracle grow water soluble fertilizer. I do not feel anything but large roots. No growing medium.

  2. Don't over water your orchid! Just hold it under the tap for 2 minutes ???? holy crap!

  3. you only need 4oz for these. .-. tf she over watered them lmao and about 10 to 15 days for more water.

  4. I put my purple orchid right next to the lamp for over 10 days, and the strong light bulb must have burned it. the flowers are now bent over and withe ,please help, what to do to save them?? how to make them bloom and fresh again??

  5. LOL… I told myself, "This chick`s orchid education has got me headed to Lowe`s when it opens!! Then I realized She IS Lowe`s…

  6. I purchased 2 of these from Lowes one died in a week the baby looks like it about to die ????

  7. yes once a week and yup you can just turn on the tap and let the water run through it! Just don't let it sit in water! You'll kill the Orchid if you do.

  8. O_O Water directly from the tap is first usually cold and secondly there are substances in that not good for an orchid. It is better to use rain water at room temperature.

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