How To Curl Your Hair With Pens/Pencils l Curl Hair Without Heat l Quick Easy Heatless Curls/Waves

In this heatless curling hair tutorial for medium long hair, I’m going to show you how to curl your hair with pens and pencils (you can also use hair chopsticks). This cheap, easy, and quick no heat curling method will provide you with beautiful natural looking curls and cute beachy waves. These loose curls and waves is an everyday hairstyle that you can wear to school, work, or special occasions like dances, parties, and dinner dates. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to show your friends how to curl your hair without heat and try this method together with them! 🙂

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If you’re having some trouble with this hair tutorial, try the tips below for long lasting curls:
1. If your hair is thick and long, divide it into more smaller sections (6-8) and use more pens/pencils
2. Wrap your hair tighter around the pens/pencils. If they become loose, you can use a butterfly clip to secure them.
3. Don’t do this right after you wash your hair. You hair should only be 20-30% damp. This will not work well with wet hair.
4. Wait for your hair to be COMPLETELY dry before taking the pens/pencils out. This is very important if you want long-lasting curls.
5. Keep practicing! After several times, you’ll know what will work best for your hair.
6. If all else fails, you can try my other heatless curling tutorials to see if they are better for you. 🙂

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