How To Discipline An Employee

Discipline can be an effective tool to improve your team’s efficiency, productivity and morale. This VideoJug film will show you how to discipline an employee to its greatest effect.

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19 Replies to “How To Discipline An Employee”

  1. The lady manager looks fierce. It is as if she was saying, "Bend over boy to receive your caning……."

  2. I always tell my workers to keep their heads low and never make eye contact when i enter my shop and any issues they have they take them up with the manager and the manager and i will discuss proper action too many people in America act cocky when they are workers remember your income decides your place not your feelingb

  3. Video is great, but demonstration is exactly the emotional communication style that destroys morale in my own workplace, the very reason I'm here for a video in the first place! How ironic!

  4. I can imply that this takes place on a Friday because of "every day this week"

  5. What if hes late because in reality he cant start on tasks until another employee gets there an hour later?

  6. yeah but bosses are like do this and do that. I’m texting Caitlyn about the prom and he’s in my face giving orders. jeez what a jackass!

  7. Did this recently for someone. Had to stand in for another person because they had formed a friendship with the individual (error). Had the desired positive outcome..

  8. Why is that I work hard get on well with most of who I work with friendly some don't with me but I'm approachable! good with my relationship with my Clients, only who I work with sees that, and I'm civil! perlite to others. but just feel like they are on my case. I get all my work done physically that they haven't said nothing bad about. I certainly don't go running to the manager I try to get on with my work. we get e- learning have to finish, I have only 3 to finish, Then from my manager I have got a letter that if I don't get it done, I feel they have threated me with Disciplinary if this is not done? Already critically short staff. they are other issues apart from this. ringing me in the morning at 7am on my Sunday which I missed that call till I look at my phone well late feel that isn't worth ringing it back its from other co workers, for me to cover a shift cause someone is gone sick??? everyone's going sick? I have a young child to think about too, it might be me? but I think it not all me feeling they are pushing me out??? please help any comments welcome what's my rights.

  9. Ask an employee to do something never tell them to do something, and then when it does not happen get on their ass.

  10. Is it right to discipline an employee in front of other employees? It is fairly clear that the manager is unprofessional.

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