How to do 3 Simple Balance Exercises for Improved Leg Stability (fall prevention)

#1 Deep Nerve In Your Foot Keeping Your Upright & Stable

Fitness Expert and Fat Loss Coach Becky Fox visits the Critical Bench Compound to show you some simple balance exercises for improved leg stability and fall prevention. If you have a fear of falling, that’s perfectly normal and okay. These simple exercises can help!

Balance is based on many factors such as leg strength, your reaction time, core / trunk strength, vision, hearing, and confidence among other things. In this video Becky instructs you how to quickly master some of her favorite simple balance exercises to help you feel stronger, grounded and more confident.

Remember, as we get older, we can lose the ability to balance well… often this is due to a variety of factors such as weaker muscles, nerve degeneration, failing eye sight, loss of hearing and the list goes on. It’s not a fun thought to consider that the last third of our lives can deal with so many hurdles but the good news is that we can be proactive in how we live our lives and take control…

If you or someone you know is suffering with peripheral neuropathy, sarcopenia, foot drop and even paralysis, these exercises can absolutely benefit you.

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