27 Replies to “How to do a Planche- Exercise Workout Tutorial for Training Planche Pushups”

  1. But how does one train to do the L sit or sticking… everything else he did here?? I need names to more then L sits, please.

  2. Well how about, I've been doing Planche techniques without even knowing it. I just did the L sit when I can't find a open seat, haha!!

  3. Definitely the best Planche video tutorial on here. Just simple advice like – you need to strengthen your shoulders to raise the hips! I needed to know that and now I do! Thank you so much.

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  5. does swinging forward and backward while on a tuck planche, help you get the advanced tuck planche?

  6. I haven't seen any videos from you in a while Sam but I love how you break everything down and give great techniques. Thenx and dominic sky are great too but fantastic to see another view point and alternative methods to reach the same goal

  7. lol each time he showes an exercise the music playing sounds like he's about to discover the truths of this world

  8. I can't even do a simple frog stand… i'm healthy and strong but that doesn't matter… i just can't keep my self up. help anyone :)?

  9. there is no advanced tuck ! progressing tuck to straddle can lead u injury.

    when you were learning ur planche.. did you do only what u did on your video??? how long you had been training until u got planche ??answer me please!!!

  10. thank you very much i search for things and only leaned it on step by steps 👍
    . ('-') /
    . ) (
    . /

  11. Excellent video, thanks gentlemen. One challenge for me, not sure where to find those stands surrounded by grass! Can you also use paralettes?

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