How to Draw a Celtic Spiral 1 – Double Spiral from Book of Kells (similar to Yin Yang)

Jason Bellchamber demonstrates how to draw a Celtic double spiral from the Chi-Ro page of the book of Kells.
This pattern is aesthetically the same as the Asian symbol ‘Yin Yang’ but not identical. Celtic sprial designs are likely an abstract representation of balance and predate 5th century knotwork patterns by a millenia. Originally the early metalsmiths and artisans would use spirals as zoomorphic (abstract human or animal forms) and plant motifs in a spiral form. In the Book of Kells (late 8th Century) spiral designs are found as either doubles and most commonly the triple.

A fast motion cut of this vidoe is available here.
At this point in Celtic art history, animals and human forms begin to look more realistic in design, but it still predates medieval styles by over a century..
This double spiral is elegant, in being 2 equal halves of a whole which suggests a symmetrical relationship. Triple spiral instructions are here
Another video series of the double spiral alternating with a triskele interlace is here

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  1. i was wondering, have you ever created your very own knot? i would love to see a video of that!

  2. Not many people realise that this symbol originated in Ancient Egypt and is the heiroglyph for two cats snoozing together lol!

  3. By the way, Jason, I've always wondered how you learned/figured out how to draw these intricate Celtic labyrinths, knots, animals, etc.?

    I enjoy watching your videos and learning from you. Thank you. 🙂

  4. The best advice I ever got, from world renowned on striper Alan Johnson, is "It's easier to pull a line than to push a line."

    That makes for more accurate, concise line work.

    Always pull the marker towards yourself;
    Don't push it away from you.


  5. U have some horrible line work holy shit. I was expecting some straight lines but those shits were mad kinky

  6. You basically taight use how to draw 2 things: The Yin & Yang symbol and the Double Spiral

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