How to draw a Manga girl step by step in slow tutorial

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anime slow tutorial, how to draw manga. I tried to draw with black color pencil and draw a sketch here. This video is real time.

so I hope this drawing video can show my my drawing process to all of you. hope it help you to draw anime girl step by step. This is a black and white drawing tutorial. You can simply use a pencil or color pencil.

Hope this drawing tutorial help you.
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Thanks for watching my comic tutorial. AngieARTManga.
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21 Replies to “How to draw a Manga girl step by step in slow tutorial”

  1. Hey Angie! I just want to say thank you. This video basically started my drawing hobby. This was where I started to draw more and more anime and then I've gotten better. I watch this video when I was 9 years old, and now I'm 14. Where I don't draw anime anymore but I drew something else, I now draw realistic drawings and other things. I no longer draw anime but I'm really thankful that you uploaded this 5 years ago, because without you. I probably won't be drawing by now. So I really thank you so so much!! Thank you so much for opening a part of me that I never knew I'm good at. I came back to your channel and you've been doing awesome!!

  2. OMG thanks soo soo soooooo much for this tutorial, I have loved anime forever and have always been open to new techniques, this one is my fave, thanks sooo much (again😋)

  3. I don't know if this is important….
    I listen to music while drawing so I don't feel like I am in a hurry and really want to get this done quickly.
    Now my drawing looks as cute (not the same though)

  4. I might've made a few changes to my drawing so it doesn't look the same…

  5. my drawing turned out cute♥ I have been doodling for as long as I can remember.

  6. I just want you to fix one thing, you are going too fast, can go a little slower, it says slow motion, but you're going too fast

  7. I was thinking…i know why everyone put they self-down! Because they just want attention!

  8. One thing I learned: Anime eyes are NOT easy to draw on your first try XD Edit: Oh ma gawd… I’m a year late… OH WELL XD Edit 2: OMG I GOT A HEART TYSM THIS MAKES MY DAYY OMGG TY 😹

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