How to Factory reset your Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen device in recovery mode

How to Factory reset your Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen device in recovery mode. Plus how to enter bootloader mode

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25 Replies to “How to Factory reset your Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen device in recovery mode”

  1. Thanks, this was helpful to follow. Fortunately or Unfortunately, I already am the owner of a new phone. I wish I had seen this some months back and followed your instructions.

  2. Dude I forgot my pattern password, so I'm now just looking for help and guides

  3. Sir totally contact photo factor reset kuduthtta. Recovery pana mudiyma

  4. Thanks man I watched a lot of videos but your's worked for me. Thanks again.

  5. My phone is in a bootloop, so I'm reseting it and when I select Recovery it says "boot up Failed". What do I do?

  6. Please Help!
    My Moto G is not letting me download any apps, and it tells me that curtain built in apps are crashing constantly. I want to reset my Moto G, but don't want to lose my data. I plan to move all my data to a memory chip then remove the chip and restart my Moto G.
    But once done will my newly restarted Moto G recognize the data on the chip when re-inserted?

  7. hi my moto g2 phone is showing ANDROID IS STARTING after starting the phone again it's coming ANDROID IS STARTING please help me what should i do….?
    if i did this one means
    volume up and down key and power button
    it is again swiched on and showing ANDROID IS STARTING plz help me

  8. I can see "recovery" option, then "no command" option, and can reach up
    to step "yes–delete all user data".
    After pressing the start button, it shows
    "qe 1/0
    wipe data
    formatting data"

    after it automatically restart just after few seconds, and goes back
    starting white screen with android logo. And after it never change. I
    tried all the steps many times. But ending with this problem.

    My mobile is Moto G first gen
    Please suggest what should I do..!

  9. that's Was great Video Mann it really helped me alot
    make more vids v r always der for uh man
    I appreciate the work u have done

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