How to Fix Broken Buttercream – Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

Broken buttercream has happened to everyone, despite the fact that it’s the same recipes you’ve used successfully countless times before. How do you know it’s “broken?” it will look either curdled or soupy. And the reason for this is temperature–either the ingredients are too cold or too warm.

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How to Fix Broken Buttercream – Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

24 Replies to “How to Fix Broken Buttercream – Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph”

  1. Dude I can't believe how much I am grateful for the hairdryer trick. I just did it when I was ready to sit in the middle of my kitchen and cry. Thank you.

  2. Does the ermine corn starch buttercream always break after refrigerating.. made it looked lovely put it in the refrigerator checked it a couple hours later started mixing with a spatula and it was broken ? so now I have it in the stand mixer with a whisk attachment is taken more than 10 minutes but it's the right consistency again… I want to use it on my cupcakes but afraid that after refrigerating them the buttercream will be broken again just doing simple swirls… Will it break after I pipe it?

  3. My butttercream curdled before adding the milk. I didnt know what to do ? i added the milk while heating it and after it smoothed out im chilling it. I dont know if it was the way to fix it but im hoping it comes together? im glad i came across this video to stop me from throwing anything away in the middle of panic mode

  4. What if it’s both soupy and separated? Lol ??‍♀️??‍♀️ I’m not meant to be a baker lol

  5. I was panicking as I was not about to allow a buttercream with 5 expensive egg yolks go to waste after adding slightly too cold butter. A microwaved wet towel worked like a charm, thank you!!

  6. Thank you so much for this. Wish I saw it yesterday when my cream separated. But saving this for future. Really enjoy watching him cook it’s so relaxing

  7. My cake batter curdled, and I remembered this video. And it also worked! It's amazing! Thank you so much! ??

  8. Thank you so much! I thought I was gonna have to throw away my curdled buttercream! IT LOOKS PERFECT NOW! Thank you so much

  9. I was just about to throw out my messed up buttercream and I thought I’d do one ditch effort to save it. I found this video. Thank you!!! My buttercream is saved

  10. wow….thank you so much I was afraid that my first attempt was ruined after this video I can fix it??

  11. I tried using my hair dryer but it just suddenly became like crumbly cheese … what can i dooo !!!! It’s like really soupy but cold , ice cream like but with looks like cheese … I cannot describe it … it’s horrible

    The only thing it looks like is : almost fully melted coconut ice cream that doesn’t taste no where near like it

  12. Thank you! You saved the cupcakes I made for my Mom's birthday and I retain favorite child status!

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