How to Get BIGGER CHEST and BICEPS (Without Moving an Inch!)

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When trying to build a bigger chest and biceps, guys will do workouts that consist of concentric and eccentric reps and still overlook one of the most powerful muscle building techniques. In this video, I show you how to get a big chest and biceps using an isometric exercise variation that you can start doing right away.

Isometric exercises can help you to recruit a large number of motor units by firing in asynchronous patterns. When one large motor unit fatigues, it is replaced by another which contributes to the prolonged strength of the muscle contraction. This intense contraction allows you to build bigger pecs faster due to the overload created by the technique.

Of course, I don’t just stop at chest. I show you how to build bigger biceps using another isometric exercise that you can do with a regular pullup bar. You will change the way you do the back exercise slightly to turn it into a bicep building workout staple.

Lots of guys will hit the gym to do their chest and biceps workout this week. Imagine how much more effective they could make it by incorporating the muscle building tip I show you here.

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18 Replies to “How to Get BIGGER CHEST and BICEPS (Without Moving an Inch!)”

  1. jeff has one of the best physiques on youtube. and one of the most genuine trainers ever.

  2. I have a friend with a degree in sports science, who swears isometrics exercises don't increase muscle strength or size, as well as not transferring outside of the angle the iso exercise is done in. If anyone could point me in the direction of some bona fide scientific studies into isometric exercise, that would be awesome!

  3. Learn something each time and can't wait to do the isos first. Haven't done that before.

  4. I once read that too much many Isometrics can be bad for the chamber strain on your heart. Due to holding breath in most times. Could this be true? Also read you should never retain breath when training for health.

  5. I actually did this today before I even watched this video and it really does feel like I've gotten some results. God bless you Jeff.

  6. I have a fucking problem my biceps are not responsive I can't feel a thing in my biceps plizzzzzzz help.

  7. This is something that will definitely make a difference. Also a flexed Bicep with resistance bands will also work!

  8. One question: You seemed to be saying at the beginning that research showed that benefits were increased farthest from full contraction (i.e. the bottom 30% of a curl). However both isometrics you performed seemed closer to full contraction. Not questioning that they work, just which position is better. Thanks!

  9. Jeff i cant focus on the video.your biceps are distracting me.I want juicy big rock hard mountain peak biceps.But it will take time and yours are perfect.

  10. Can you discuss the benefits of doing 500 push ups every other hour for an entire day? I believe I know the answer, just want to know what you think Jeff!

  11. Can you discuss the benefits of doing 500 push ups every other hour for an entire day? I believe I know the answer, just want to know what you think Jeff!

  12. What are your thoughts concerning the potential raising of Blood Pressure to dangerous levels with Isometric? I understand that proper breathing is important to prevent this. What are your thoughts?

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