How To Get The Hot Date Look : Makeup Tips | Charlotte Tilbury

Professional makeup artist to the A-list stars, Charlotte Tilbury shows you how to get the Hot Date look. Follow these quick and easy steps to go from desk to date.

The Hot Date look features Charlotte’s brand new K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick shade, as chosen by you, called Kiss Chase. This look is all about seductive, elongated eyes, killer cheekbones, and full lips.

30 Replies to “How To Get The Hot Date Look : Makeup Tips | Charlotte Tilbury”

  1. Amount of money spent on CT products… over $1000. # of dates- 0
    More of a go to work look for me… ????

  2. The lipstick is discontinued, are there any alternative charlotte tilbury lipsticks?? X

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE this look!!!
    Make me look younger!
    But where is my date???
    Thank you Charlotte!!! 😉

  4. This look is to die for! I'll be buying every product mentioned. That'll probably be around $400, but worth it!

  5. Has any one seen a video of Charlotte doing makeup on a dark skinned/ black model?

  6. I had my make up done by the Tilbury girls in my town for my birthday now I am addicted to the video tutorials.

  7. Charlotte, you are incredible! You are perfect! I love your makeup! I have a dream! One day I will a makeup with you! Glamour pure! Kiss!

  8. Beautiful!!! I love how you already take what is a beautiful face and turn it into a mesmerizing look that most women would love to create themselves!! Charlotte, your literally amazing looking yourself and your hair is just absolutely stunning!!! I always catch myself looking at your beautiful stunning hair!!! You are amazing and create such amazing looks!! ????

  9. I've always wondered how and where does Charlotte gets her models ❤ they're all so preeeettyyyyyy

  10. So when are you going to do a look on someone who doesn't have perfect skin and proportions?

  11. Loved the video!!! I just started a Beauty and Wellness channel so watching other's makeup videos really helps for inspiration!! Thanks girl XOXO <3

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