How to get the Perfect hashtags to grow your Instagram followers 2020 ( Hashtag Generator) is the premiere hashtag generator app, helping you organically grow real Instagram followers and likes, by giving you the perfect hashtags for each post.

This hashtag generator is great for growing your Instagram (IG), TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts with real followers.


Step 1: Search any tag name. This returns the 50 most popular matches, along with their usage counts, so you can see their popularity.
Step 2 (Pro Version): Drill in to any tag to get related tags. This returns 10 more “lookalike tags” with counts.
Step 3: Select the best tags for your post
Step 4: Copy and paste hashtag list into your post
Step 5: Sit back like a hashtag expert to watch your likes and followers grow!


The hottest approach to organic growth on Instagram is to find relevant, niche hashtags that your posts can Featured on as a Top Post, based on your audience size and engagement rate.

Instagram will index up to 30 tags for every post. In other words, you have 30 free opportunities to promote each post, so that your target audience can find your content when clicking on a hashtag.

Using relevant keywords that fit your audience size and engagement rate will result in your posts getting temporarily Featured as Top Posts by Instagram. This will significantly increase the views on your content, which in turn gets you more, targeted likes and followers.


Most hashtag apps and websites make big promises but actually won’t deliver results in helping your content get noticed.

They often promise “popular hashtags” that are actually quite common and overly competitive for your audience size. These services might take a number of general topics and spit out generic hashtags that can even hurt your growth.

For example, if you are promoting your new coffee brand and have 1k followers, and use the common tag #coffee (118M posts), your post will probably not get Featured as a Top Post, depending on your audience engagement, and therefore will get pushed aside to the hidden “Recent” section only. will start with #coffee and suggest hundreds of lookalike tags to select from that may fit your audience size better, such as #ig_coffee (206k posts), #coffiecup (740k posts), #coffeeshots (1M posts) and #igerscoffee (287K posts). It will be much easier to get Featured as Top Posts on lookalike tags and grow faster.

If you choose the wrong hashtags, your posts will not be Featured as Top Posts, and you will be wasting the most effective opportunities to grow your audience. Worse, using irrelevant or generic tags can even get your posts “shadow banned”.