How to Handstand : 2 Simple Tricks to Master Your Handstand – Click HERE to check out my complete Handstand Course. – Click Here to pick up 5-day Parkour Course

In this video I show you 2 simple tricks to help you master your handstand.

The handstand can take time and become frustrating to learn. If you implement these 2 simple things it will make your handstands a lot easier.

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19 Replies to “How to Handstand : 2 Simple Tricks to Master Your Handstand”

  1. I’m 6 foot 172 toned muscle gym guy getting into gymnastics. How do u know if your body is str8 when doing them ?

  2. Ive been practicing parkour for almost 2 years but i never realy tried free running and im just getting started i can handstand for about 10 sec but lose my balance and ive been trying to fix that so far the only flips i can do are back flips and front flips all self taught and i hope i can become just as good as you someday

  3. Hey bro iam jai .but I can't balance my body up in air what should I do bro.

  4. Dude befor i only for 5 seconds now i can do it for 22 you are awesome bros

  5. Can you make a tutorial on handstand presses? (on both ground and parallel barsrails)

  6. Hey I tried it n it does work..thanx a lot..but u do need the strength in ur upper body which I do have cuz I lift a lot of weights..but it's 2 great tips..thanx again

  7. Finally! The proper key points to holding a handstand. Seems like you've had gymnastics training.

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