How To Increase Your Vertical Vol. 3

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discussing dietary tips for people begging workouts for the summer.

My workout videos are created in the summertime. Now that it’s getting warm i will be posting more workout videos folks…be patient. A tutorial video on how to increase your vertical. Starting with the basics and as the athlete gets stronger the workout difficulty increases. teaching proper form for power, agility, strength, and stability to increase vertical leap. Eventually gaining the power to dunk a basketball or compete better at events such as the long jump or triple jump. the high jump or pole vault. or any other sport that requires great leaping ability. such as volleyball, soccer, football. HOW TO BULK UP, PROTEIN and WHEY! how to bulk up gain weight protein whey fitness tips work out abs advice lose weight diet pecs biceps triceps manboobs routine howto how to destorm deestorm destomrtv daystom

27 Replies to “How To Increase Your Vertical Vol. 3”

  1. I truly find this vertical jump program outstanding! I can do a 19 inches-high standing vertical but now on my 2nd day with the program, I was able to attain Twenty-three inches! Hamstrings are sore but its my rest day and then I`m back on the grind tomorrow getting started on the shock stage! It is not hard to find this jump guide on Google. The jump program is Julian Jumρosen
    With thanks

  2. There is a lot of research that the vertical jump ability is directly related to how far you can hit a golf ball. I have started following your training and already I am hitting the ball further. Thanks.

  3. I'm like 5'7 and I can do the pistol squats with ease and my virtual still azz, but this year I'll take what I learned from u and Imma try to get up there

  4. Great videos man. People could ask what program should I buy?, what's the secret?, If only there was a way to increase my jump. All you need is these videos, and you will make GREAT improvements. Thank you

  5. I'm about to watch this part three but hey….I wouldn't be here if I didn't like part 2. 2 was a great video you explain and demonstrate A+.

  6. Very good info. Thank you!!! You mentioned (which this video or the one before that) about big ankles and calves, (cankles),  how can i slim it down, or is it just the way my muscles are? because im not fat and neither are my legs. I don't think that 110 pounds (49.8 kg) is fat. so, im just wondering, that's all.

  7. I know what park that is. Thats tillary park. Link me so one day we can actually play and make a video

  8. How to Increase Your Vertical in 3 Simple Steps:

    1. Step Be Black
    2. Step Be Black
    3. Step Be Black

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