How to install CM12 1 custom rom on the Lenovo K3 Note K50 T5

How to install CM12 1 custom rom on the Lenovo K3 Note K50 T5. Must have CWM recovery already install. Watch my video on it here click show more.

Link to CM12 rom and Gapps

find more K3 note roms here

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20 Replies to “How to install CM12 1 custom rom on the Lenovo K3 Note K50 T5”

  1. just use nexus vibe ui custom rom my core from 4 became 8 core and very fast running in high game recommended for gamers but only battery little fast draining other than that superb

  2. You dumb idiot have you even tested it with a sim card because it does not pick up any signal.

  3. please tell me how to flash custom rom in lenovo vibe a2020a40. Please help me..I found everywhere but i did not find a custom rom for lenovo vibe a2020a40.

  4. flashed cm12 on my k3note everything else is working fine but one bug where it wont say 4g/lte on my signal bar which is very annoying as i cant get if my internet is on … BTW my internet is working fine still i have to drop down to check if it is working
    ANy fix for that ?

  5. Hi, you have a tutorial for the Lenovo k5 note, model k52e78??? I need Rooter and Twrp, tks.

  6. need help with this error
    1. restricted access changed data service is blocked
    2. restricted access changed voice service is blocked
    3. restricted access changed emergency service is blocked
    4. every time i off wifi i need to re-enter password
    5. when try to take photo from camera flash light gets on and stayed like that untill reboot

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