How to Install the Snap-Z Ridge Vent – Midwest

How could our revolutionary standing seam ridge vent get any better?

The maintenance-free, cut-to-length Snap-Z Ridge Vent with better pest prevention, greater net-free area, and faster application than standard ridge vents, now comes pre-punched and with pre-applied butyl tape for an even more streamlined installation.

STEP ONE: Snap a chalk line approximately one-eighth to one-sixteenth of an inch above where the ridge cap will sit.

STEP TWO: Remove the backing covering the butyl tape. Expand the over-stuffed foam to fill the void between the top of the rib and the Snap-Z. Place the Snap-Z along the chalk line.

STEP THREE: Fasten the Snap-Z with type four-hundred-ten fasteners with a minimum of half inch penetration into the decking. Space your fasteners a maximum of three inches apart.

STEP FOUR: Apply sealant where the Snap-Z joins the panel ribs.

STEP FIVE: Prepare the gable end of the one inch open-hemmed ridge cap.

STEP SIX: Snap the one inch open-hemmed ridge cap into place.

STEP SEVEN: Apply sealant to the ridge cap overlaps and fasten the ridge cap to the Snap-Z with a minimum of three pairs of pop rivets per ten feet of ridge cap.

Do it quick. Do it right. Use the Snap-Z on your next roofing project.

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