How To Invest Your Extra Cash Wisely

Whether it’s a year-end bonus, an inheritance, or some extra cash lying around, you’ve just gotten a windfall. Now what should you do with it? In this episode of Good Money, we figure out how to put that extra scratch to work. Good Money is a series about making sense of your finances. Join host Shahien Nasiripour as he meets people with an obsession to beat the system and never leave money on the table.

Video by Brian Schildhorn and Henry Baker.
Graphics by Christian Capestany

Today’s modern leaders face a different set of financial challenges than their predecessors did, but also far more opportunities. And the conventional wisdom of past generations is just that- conventional. Good Money is dedicated to demystifying personal finance for the modern leader, helping them prepare for a better future. Learning how to navigate your financial future shouldn’t be this fun. Good Money covers vital topics such as taxes, gold, day trading, money tips, saving, renting vs. buying and much more. Learn all things personal finance by checking out the rest of the series:

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19 Replies to “How To Invest Your Extra Cash Wisely”

  1. Is there a personal finance topic you'd like to see covered in a future episode? Let us know in the comments!

  2. for profitable investment packages with a multiplier effect of x6.5 using large scale crypto mining systems up to the tune of $15,000 or more contact Matty via whatsapp @ +15186023105 . I am a happy investor

  3. If there's anyone that's really interested in investing money without any volatility check out Ray Dalio's '"All-Weather-Portfolio". Ray Dalio is a hedge fund manager and owns Bridgewater Associates which is the largest hedge fund in the world. He created a greatly diversified portfolio that has very little drawback and decent returns. This asset allocation can be easily created with ETFs (very low commissions + easy accessibility).
    Just google it and read a bit about this asset allocation. It is so easy to invest in and all you need to do is balance the portfolio out every once in a while (Dalio suggests balancing it once a year).

  4. Got small/no income – invest in books/training/edu
    Got enough income to live – invest in a local or small side-business that has been tried and tested and yields realistic steady income + more books
    Got higher income than your living standards – reinvest in business or real estate + even more books

    Pretty much wherever you are in life you should invest in yourself 🙂 cheers

  5. financial planners arent investors. All the greatest investors say diversification is stupid

  6. My mum works for a human rights organization and she still gives me better financial advice about buying stocks or investing in mutual funds than these FINANCIAL PLANNERS.
    I mean those advice are as basic as rice with daal.
    Clear your credit card debt,ways of tax exemption or hire a financial adviser.
    It's more like an ad rather than being informative which is the whole point of this particular video.

  7. So the assumption of this video is that people subscribed to Bloomberg have a bunch of credit card debt and no savings?! What about the rest of us who are way past that???

  8. I was expecting some sage advice here from Bloomberg… What I got was the ideology speech that every financial advisor, with the exception of a select few hyper successful ones, gives to every customer with no discrimination. Funny thing is historically, according to stock market data, almost every one of these financial advisors has under performed the market more years than not, meaning if you just opened a brokerage account and dumped your money into index funds you would make more than letting these “experts” “manage” your money. This advice sounds like it was read out of an outdated text book for teaching middle schoolers the basics of finance…

  9. She looks like a zombie. One guy looks like a hipster and the other is a sleazy salesman. No wonder why everyone is confused about their money.

  10. I just get a reloadable credit card. So I have the control on what amount goes in or comes out.

  11. Pay debt. Yep
    Emergency money. Cool
    Diversify your portfolio?
    Woa bucko the heck is a portfolio? I’ve never invested in anything more than a car. Keep it simpler pls

  12. Why not just buy the market? If you don't know or don't care about the intricacies of investing, there are plenty of fee-less products you can buy. Talk about those.

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