How To Look Expensive On A Budget

How To Look Expensive On A Budget.
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Geologie skincare set:
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Main Outfit in Talking Head Segments:
– T-Shirt:
– Trousers: (new season similar alternative)

Part 1:

All Black Outfit:
– T-Shirt:
– Wide Leg Trousers:
– White Trainers:
Affordable Alternative:

Brown & Orange Outfit:
– T-Shirt:
– Pleated Trousers:
– White Trainers:
Affordable Alternative:

Part 2:

Outfit 1 (Beige Tones):
– Shirt:
– Trousers: (new season similar alternative)
– Slip-On Shoes:
Affordable Alternative 1:
Affordable Alternative 2:

Outfit 2 (Grey Tones):
– Blazer: (similar alternative)
– Trousers: (similar alternative)
– T-Shirt:
– Penny Loafers: (affordable alternative)

Outfit 3 (Brown Tones):
– Oversized Sweater: (similar alternative)
– Trousers: (new season alternative)
– Trainers: (similar alternative)
– Cap:

Part 3:

– Hoop & Sword Earring:
– Round Earring:
– Square Earring:

Part 4:

Wide Silhouette Outfit:
– Jacket:
– Affordable Alternative:
– T-Shirt:
– Wide Leg Trousers:

Slim Silhouette Outfit:
– Jacket: (similar/affordable alternative)
– T-Shirt:
– Black Trousers:
Affordable Alternative:

End Of Part 4 Outfit:
– Vest:
– Trousers:
– Shirt:
– Penny Loafers: (affordable alternative)

Part 6:

Pink Hoodie Outfit:
– Hoodie: (similar/affordable alternative)
– Trousers:
– Chelsea Boots:

Red Polo Outfit:
– Polo: (similar alternative)
– Wide Leg Trousers:
– White Trainers:
Affordable Alternative:

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Shot with:
– Canon 6D MK II:
– Canon 24-70mm f/4.0 Lens:

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  1. I love how the videos you make have changed they are soo good and easy to follow keep going 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  2. Fashion is the subject and Tim is the professor. And the cool kind at that.

  3. Since you mentioned corporate office, I would be happy to see some outfits that you would wear if you had a regular office job with a business casual dresscode.

  4. Awesome vid'. Try to replace the black clothes with navy ones if you're blond haired.

  5. As a woman with a more classic minimalist feminine style, I find your videos very helpful because they have great basic styling advice that can be applied in general. Thank you!

  6. I love this video. It has so much information, but is entertaining and very professionally made.

  7. I was agreeing and listening to everything until I saw this fit 7:11 and he said it's good fit idk about that cuz without the shoes u will look like an 70 year old farmer that just finished working on the tractor xD

  8. I am from India,
    I just love your content ❤️
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  9. would love a video on what to look for in a tailor and how to communicate with them effectively

  10. Great video. I really like the jewelry explanation. I'm still learning how to do this. The statement piece idea was also interesting.

  11. Great video! This is something I've been thinking about for a while, and you out it into words perfectly

  12. Black is the worst color. It's what the help at the even wear, not what those that attend the event wear. Go with literally any other color and it would look more chic.

  13. Tim forever! Hands down my favorite style inspiration at the moment! ♥️

  14. How to look expensive Malaysian style : T shirt, short pants, slippers. Make sure you looks like you’re over 50 yo.

  15. Hey Tim! Im a lawyer and work a lot at offices or government institutions. Could you please make a video for office related outfits? Love your content, greetings from México.

  16. Great video as always, slowly improving my fashion sense right now thanks to your vids! Also do you have any fashion tips for skinny person?

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