How To Look Like A Charming Person

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With his popular YouTube channel Some Good News, John Krasinski is showing how powerful it can be to combine humility, positivity and humor.

In this video we’ll be covering 5 ways John Krasinski is able to make you laugh, that you can use in any situation, from school, to work, to dates, that will get people to instantly like you more. We will also cover a major mistake people make, and how you can avoid it.


0:18 – #1: Use go to stories.
1:10 – #2: Act out your characters.
3:01 – #3: Be comfortable using self-deprecating humor.
4:20 – #4: Tell jokes that elevate other people.
5:43 – #5: Double-down on other people’s jokes.
7:21 – Mistake: Be genuine and share your emotions.

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14 Replies to “How To Look Like A Charming Person”

  1. TWO last minute out of 10 of SELF ADVERTISING ?????
    REALLY ???
    20 PERCENT of the whole vid ???
    You're SO desperate ? )))

  2. Guys quick!
    My teacher said she was canceling her school prep on Saturday because she got bullied into do in it so (not litery bulling).
    How can I make a joke about this?

  3. I love this channel. I'm a pretty confident person but asking a girl out can be intimidating no matter who you are. I put into practice some things over learned hear recently and not only do my coworkers love me, but I recently asked out a girl I've had a crush on for the past few months. She said yes and we're going out this week! Keep up the awesome videos guys!

  4. „Oh doubling down on jokes, sounds a lot like improv!”
    Mentions improv in the next second <3

  5. I always felt like doubling down was more stealing their joke and putting the attention on yourself instead.

  6. I use my body and hands in telling a story because I’m ITALIAN! ????

  7. I'm 80% sure this channel is the same click- bait-titled video posted over and over again with slightly different editing to trick people that you're teaching multiple different lessons

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