How to make a Bobbin Holder Tool (Small size and Big size). ボビンホルダーの作り方 (小型サイズと大型サイズ).

I made bobbin holder for lure making and fly tying. Using the template used in this video, you can make two sizes of bobbin holder.

— Material for making the holder —
Stainless steel wire: Diameter 1.2mm.
Plastic pipe: about 3mm in diameter.
Round beads: about 7mm.

*Template is published on my Google Drive. URL: .
*The medium size template is published here. URL: .

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10 Replies to “How to make a Bobbin Holder Tool (Small size and Big size). ボビンホルダーの作り方 (小型サイズと大型サイズ).”

  1. I made some of these. Yes about choose tubing carefully. I used the plastic tubing from a Q-tip as I saw someone on the internet use it. But it kept chafing and cutting the thread. I purchased some 3/32" brass tubing. I also found some plastic beads I found at the dollar twenty-five store, and super glued them on the ends for the spool to rotate on.

  2. По добре да се използва термо свиваща тръба а не навиване с влакно за фиксиране на водача по лесно е и след това се залив с силикон

  3. I've made a few of these. Things to remember : Choose your tube carefully, a lot of plastic tubes seem strong, but when used they start to bend. I've used metal salmon fly tubes with some success ; Getting the end of the tube finished so it doesn't chafe the thread is the hardest thing ; It's worth impregnating the cord wraps with a couple of layers of epoxy to secure and smooth.

  4. anyone know where this staight stainless steel wire can be purchased? All I find is mig welding wire on spools which I don't think is what is being used here. Just curious..

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