How to make a crankbait using a block of wood. 角材でルアーを作る方法。

This video will show you how to catch fish using a block of wood. This classically designed crankbait will not only swim in shallow, but can also action like a topwater lures. I did not paint this lure, but it would be also interesting to paint it a color like the vintage lure.
The template (drawing) used in this video is available from Google Drive. Please download the PDF data and print it for use.

— Lure Template (Drawing) —
*Wooden Block Crank Bait: .

— Chapter of this video —
00:00 : Underwater of the Lure action.
00:23 : Making a lure body.
02:15 : How to make a Metal lip.
06:18 : Making a line tie eye.
09:11 : Attach a weight and hook eye.
11:33 : Coating the lure.
12:30 : Attach a hook and lure snap.
13:07 : I’m going to Bass Fishing.

— Lure Material —
Aluminum plate: 1.0 mm.
Block of wood (Cypress wood):18×18×70 mm.
Split shot sinker: about 2 grams.
Stainless steel wire: 0.9 mm.
Epoxy coating for lure.
Treble hook and lure snap.

作曲者:かずち (カズチ)さん
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