How to Make a Fruit Smoothie

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While we can’t recommend asparagus or cheddar-flavored drinks, we encourage you to experiment, using this road map to the ultimate healthy blended beverage.

Step 1: Choose fruit and juice
Choose your fruit and fruit juice.

A variety of flavors mixed together can make for the most satisfying smoothie—a few dashes of cranberry juice or a squeeze of lime may be just what that O.J. and banana combo needs.

Step 2: Peel, pit, or de-seed fruit
Peel, pit, or de-seed your fruit if necessary.

Step 3: Put in fruit, add juice
Put the fruit in the blender, and add the juice.

For a sweet smoothie, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey. For a cold one, add 6 to 8 ice cubes. And for an extra health kick, throw in protein powder, wheat germ, bee pollen, or flaxseed.

Step 4: Add milk, cream, or yogurt
Add the milk, light cream, or yogurt to give the smoothie a rich and silky texture.

Step 5: Blend
Put the lid on the blender, and blend at a medium speed until smooth.

Running your blender too high will turn your creation into glorified fruit juice. Running it too slow will leave behind large chunks of unblended fruit.

Step 6: Taste
Stop the blender and do a taste test, then make any necessary adjustments, adding yogurt or ice to thicken, honey to sweeten.

Step 7: Pour and serve
Pour your smoothie into the glass, and serve.

Did You Know?
The South American variant of the smoothie is called a ‘licuado,’ as in ‘liquefied’ or ‘blended.’

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  2. I do this all the time…..I make this smoothie, then put my travel lid cap on…and run off to work. I leave all my ingredients on the kitchen counter, the bitch at my kids when I get home, for messing up the kitchen.

  3. good stuff harry as usual, those who say to put whatever fruits must be jocking, I've been trying to put whatever fruit and all I got was black undrinkable juice, unless you follow delightful smoothie recipes like these : x.vufruitjuice . isn't that smoothie too thin ?

  4. I think this is script. howcast shouldn't take control of people like that!!! LET HARRY USE HIS MAGIC WAND INSTEAD OF THAT STUPID BLENDER…..if I was Harry I'd use my wand to make a lychee-mango smoothie!!! XDDD

  5. Step 1: Put in some milk
    Step 2: Put in a banana
    Step 3: Put in some frozen strawberries
    Step 4: Put in some yogurt
    Did you know? Strawberries taste like strawberries

  6. I use…
    Soy milk
    Frozen banana
    Handful of frozen blueberries
    Frozen pineapple
    Frozen mango :p

  7. @ilovedonuts2011 Don't troll, this video actually helped me… If you know how to make a smoothie, the just don't watch the video.

  8. How To Make A Fruit Smoothie

    You Will Need:

    Step 1: Blend together.
    Step 2: Drink.

    Did you know? Howcast has officialy ran out of ideas.

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