How To Make A Larp Sword- IFGS Method | LH EP 012

Link to the painting tutorial and materials list below! NERDS this week we have for you a tried and true method of making a larp-safe weapon!


Carbon Golf Club – From your local thrift store
A hacksaw –
Scotch Blue Painters Tape:
closed cell polyethylene foam:
L200 Foam:
EVA Floor Mats:
Razor Blades:
Razor Blade Holder (Box Cutter):
Straight Edge:
Soda Can – Supermarket
Glue Gun:
Hot Glue:
Heat Gun:
Contact Cement:
Naphtha (paint Thinner):

Remember that if you buy your materials using these links, it really helps us out at no extra cost to you!


Crunk Knight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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28 Replies to “How To Make A Larp Sword- IFGS Method | LH EP 012”

  1. Larp weapons shouldn't be SAFE! If you're afraid of dying for the full Larp experience, maybe you should stay home and sculpt mini tiki figures from soap. Hero up! Hit yourself in the head with a piece of wood! Yay!

  2. This doesn't look legal at all idk y but that doesn't look thick enough maybe I'm wrong

  3. Wow.. just wow! Never saw this video until now, 4 years later! I've been larp'ing for around 18 years now, and i will assume you guys are from the big USA 😛 IUm european, and i do more the less the same, exept, when everything is glued together, and i did all the nerdy fittings and small nitting shit, i use liquid latex 😉 I find it to be even better lasting, also thinking of weather conditions, and what, atleast my stuff has to endure from time to time.. anyhow.. love youre flame design thou <3

  4. Would Flex Seal work in the place of the plasti dip? I’m tying out this method but cannot find the right kind of plastidip to save my life (and yes I want an excuse to use a flex product but not at the expense of safety or quality).

  5. First let me show you how to make the hilt. *turns into a woman*……..

    Is turning into a woman a necessity for this step? asking for a friend

  6. In Belegarth/Dagorhir the Book Of War states a requirement for edges to be penny rounded as in the edges have to have the radial rounding of a penny to be safe against pointy edges injuring sensitive body parts such as eyes etc.

  7. I have 25 years experience in larp fighting and I've watched a lot of different vids on how to make a larp sword. I scoff at almost all of them for poor and dangerous techniques . This is the best video I've seen across the board on boffer builds. It keeps things basic, but doesn't skip over important parts (like safe tips). And not a pool noodle or duct tape roll to be seen! I'm really impressed. Keep up the great work.

  8. To any new LARPer watching this: Please keep in mind that there is no such thing as a universally "LARP-safe weapon", there is only LARP weapons that are allowed – or not allowed – at one particular LARP. Always check with your organizer if a particular way of constructing a LARP weapon is deemed safe in that game.

  9. watched this a few months ago, I'm back now because this first place i thought of for construction tips to make a prop cricket bat for a production.

  10. I just use pvc pipes, pool noodles, camping foam , and duct tape. If I don’t leave it outside it’s indestructible

  11. don't waste your time in making larp weapons, i did hundreds of it in the last 10 years, and now you can buy a decent foam reproduction of an real sword, or a fantasy sword with more durability, and safer.

  12. I usually do NOT bash on videos I watch, yet… Closed, disliked AND told Youtube I don't like this channel the very second he talked about what COLOR the glue can is instead of telling what KIND of glue it is. Either he doesn't know different brands (or different countries) may have different packagings, or he believes his audience is stupid and illiterate to be able to read a label. Either way, he shouldn't be doing "how to" videos.

  13. I've used pool noodle to make my boffer maces and clubs. what is the general opinion of pool noodle for such purposes?

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