How to make a metal bait in the shape of an Indiana blade. インディアナブレード型のメタルルアーの作り方。

I will show you how to make a metal lure using the Indiana blade and stainless steel plate. This metal lure is compact and heavy, making it easier to cast farther than other lures. In addition, it sinks quickly, making it ideal for deep reservoirs and rivers. It also produces flash and vibration, so it will attract fish in both clear and murky water.

— Chapter of this video —
0:00 – Underwater lure action.
0:13 – How to make metal bait using Indiana blade.
4:17 – How to make metal bait using a stainless steel plate.

– Lure Template —
*The template (drawing) is available on Google Drive: .

— Lure material —
*Indiana blade or Stainless steel plate.
*Split shot sinker.
*Lure snap.
*Dressed treble hook and Split ring.
(The thickness of the stainless steel plate is about 0.5 mm).

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  1. Wow, great job, guys. The tutorials were most helpful… Cheers, guys. From Indonesia, Borneo island

  2. Very nice job! However the hole at the front is useless since it get covered by the lead ball now?

  3. Отличная игра у приманки. Сделаю пару штук. Спасибо.

  4. Thanks for this great video. I'll recreate it with my kids. @haru834: What weight do you recommend for this bait?

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