How to make a spinner jig head of flexible arm (using a wire rope). 柔軟性のあるスピナーブレード付きジグヘッドの作り方

I will make a spin blade jig head where the arm moves flexibly. ワイヤーロープを利用して、アームが柔軟に動くブレード付きスピナージグヘッドを自作しました。

— Material list —
Jig hook (Jig head hook).
Wire rope ( I have use a diameter 0.8mm of stainless wire rope).
Sleeve for wire rope.
Split shot sinker (I have use a Bull shot sinker 1/2 ounce).
Fishing swivel and Lure blade.

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作曲者:かずち (カズチ)さん
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  1. Очень оригинальное и поучительное видео, совет конечно супер✋👋. Полезно. Класс. Спасибо🙏💕.

  2. GREAT IDEA! The underwater footage clearly shows that the willow blade has more movement because of the multi-strand wire. Ironically, when I found your video, I had been working on an in-line spinner rigged ahead of a soft swimbait, and I had chosen multi-strand wire specifically to allow maximum action for both the willow blade AND the swimbait. Your tackle demonstrations are ALWAYs the clearest, most complete on YouTube, so keep them coming!

  3. 🙋สวัสดีครับสุดยอดเลยครับมาให้กำล้งใจแล้วนะฝากแวะมาให้กำล้งใจน้องใหม่ด้วยนะครับทัน

  4. What is the name of this single hook…. how can i get it, this hook is perfect for rohu carp..

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