How to make a Strong Ginger Beer (~7.2%abv)

How to make a strong ginger beer. Made with root ginger, dry malt extract, water and yeast. Brewing ingredients available from:

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  1. just wanted to give you a heads up on a micro batch sample of ginger ale i was making using store bought ginger powder hoping to avoid that rotten egg smell (if you recall our discussion) ,i had it conditioning in a small plastic water bottle, for some reason it was not taking off so i added a bit of dry bread yeast to the top and after a few days the bottle went from squished to fully hard and i decided to pop it in the fridge right away ,well it tasted and smelled like ginger with the right amount of spiciness but the funny thing was it was not as fizzy as i was thinking it was gonna be despite the bottle being hard, perhaps i should leave it out for a couple more days next time but no unwanted smell or taste so it was a success, idk if it had to do with ginger i used or maybe it was something else that happened the other times i done it and it came out bad, could be the different yeast used or the conditions were different idk but my idea of it perhaps being something in the fresh ginger that was the problem could be spot on , so from now on no need to fuss around with fresh ginger and make it simpler using ground powder ,, eureka

  2. Putting it in the fridge wasn't a wise idea
    It is better to let it cool down naturally and reach the room temperature , so that the yeast doesn't face problems

  3. Sorry… Brewing noob here but why use Malt instead of Sugar? Refined sugar I thought was easier for the yeasts to metabolise over maltose.

  4. Iā€™m also concerned about the hygiene side of things. Iā€™d boil all the liquid and wait for it all to cool down and sanitise the container too. Thoughts?

  5. Hi what factors effects the alcohol level? Is it sugar quantity or yeast quality? Thank you.

  6. Sorry, but making less than a gallon of beer or wine is a waste of time. A liter is not enough to share with anyone but maybe one other person.

  7. Can you make it without malt extract? I can't have malt due to allergies. That's why I'm making ginger beer in the first place.

  8. Here we do not have beer yeast, can you give some tips to make homemade yeast for the beer please!

  9. I can't get wine yeast here in Thailand or malt come to that. Can I use bread yeast and something to replace the malt?

  10. i have a doubt you said you use 1kg of DME but the package on the video says 1.1 lb, so it is 1 kg or 1lb? Please help me I'm trying to follow your recipe

  11. Do you prefer champagne yeast over ale yeast? Did it make a difference in taste?

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