How to make a twist less spinner lures (Single blade style)/ 糸ヨレしにくいスピナールアーの作り方

A line twist that is considered a drawback of spinner lures. One way to eliminate the twist is to attach a fishing swivel, but the spinner introduced in this video can reduce twist without using a swivel.
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  1. Привет блогадору за видео зачёт удачу вам…,👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Hi Haru. Nice design. You can use a regular spinner and not twist the line. Attach the spinner to a 3 feet 20 lb fluorocarbon leader. Use a snap and BALL BEARING swivel to attach lure.
    2 feet above make a dropper loop, which goes 90 degrees main line. Put a good size split shot, at least 5-8 grams on on BOTH arms of dropper(pinch spilt shot and a add glue). The offset weight of shot will keep line from twisting. Tie the end of 3 feet leader to main line. I did use this for over 40 years.

  3. Are these spinners a straight cast and retrieve, or do you jig them as well?

  4. Very well done tutorial video! Wonderful design 👏. I subscribed. Thank you!

  5. Mui bueno buenísimo excelente lo felicito maestro por ensenar todos sus comocientos Soi de san Miguel de Tucumán Argentina mí nombre es José Ariel Romero un fuerte abrazo desde hoy seguiré sus video suerte

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  7. せっかく作った自作ルアーが釣れないと悩んでる人のほうが多そうなのに

  8. Всё супер,вот где бы ещё достать такую проволоку-нержавейку….

  9. Интересная конструкция. Сделал похожую. Весной испытаю.

  10. 自分もブレード2枚にして同じの作った事あります。

  11. Интересно шнур закручивает )??? Спасибо 😊
    Я забалдел от канала )))

  12. Great design. One thing I'd change, though. Attaching a hook thought a split ring will allow to change hooks easily.

  13. I love your videos. Can you make one on "how to modify a swim jig with blade?" I have swim jig and I want to add a blade to it. Thank you

  14. I like your designs and your smooth, efficient processes but I LOVED this vid because you show your creations catching fish! 🙂 +1 Like
    私はあなたのデザインとあなたのスムーズで効率的なプロセスが好きですが、あなたがあなたの作品が魚を捕るのを見せてくれるので、このビデオが大好きです! 😀 +1いいね

  15. awesome vid, but if you're releasing the fish you catch you should use single hooks and for that extra karma use barbless ones

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  17. This is the perfect video. I definitely like to see you fish with the lures you make.

  18. Займусь долгими зимними вечерами.

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