How to make a Twyla Doll Bed Tutorial/ Monster High

How to make a Twyla Doll Bed from Monster High!

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11 Replies to “How to make a Twyla Doll Bed Tutorial/ Monster High”

  1. I remember the days when I would come back home from school and just binge-watch all of his monster high bed tutorials over and over again, I never get bored of it!

  2. Много добре правиш легла за кукли аз се научих да ги правя от теб измисляш ги по уникален начин

  3. you are awesome audrey hi I'm your big fan and dollastic and chad microguardian and you are me favourite to😍😚😘😙XD

  4. Hi chad, I'm new to your channel and I've enjoyed all the beds you've done so far. I was wondering if sometime in the near future if you'll make a Catrine Demew doll bed? Lots of love <3

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