How to Make Bacon-and-Egg Pie – Cooking With Melissa Clark | The New York Times

Bacon-and-egg pie is a little like a quiche except you leave the eggs whole instead of blending into a custard. Melissa Clark shows how.

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How to Make Bacon-and-Egg Pie – Cooking With Melissa Clark

25 Replies to “How to Make Bacon-and-Egg Pie – Cooking With Melissa Clark | The New York Times”

  1. My issue is with the claim "you don't break the yolks". It's true some bacon and egg pies will have whole, unbroken eggs but most will break the yolk and allow it to gently disperse throughout the pie. This allows for a more a even consistency. Obviously there are many variations to it. I like peas and cheese in mine too but the one constant is that hearty dollop of tomato sauce on top. Perfect!

  2. Experienced Kiwi bacon and egg pie eater here, never heard of saracha or whatever the sauce was.
    Pie pastry, bacon, eggs, a bit of mix veg, salt and pepper done

  3. I'm a kiwi and everyone has their own twist to any sort of food really and this looks yummy!!!

  4. It’s not only a NZ dish, it is also an Australian recipe, though the Siracha is not one of our ingredients.

  5. That dressing looks "very suspect" and NOT a Kiwi step.. . translucent onions as a personal choice maybe. Did you actually Talk to a real Kiwi on this…?

  6. NOOOOOO… a classic NZ bacon and egg pie is just Bacon and Egg and that's why it's called a bacon and egg pie -__-

  7. Sorry but yes us kiwis DO know how to make bacon and egg (pie) Your "sarachaaaa" is impossible to buy in new zealand…. Nobody knows what that is let alone puts it in their meals. "Scallions" Ive never seen that one at our supermarkets either. We use a normal brown onion. Your wholemeal crust is a joke to… We stick to the traditional white pasty… We just know how to make it from scratch… Just because its wholemeal does not mean you cut corners by purchasing store bought. This is shameful

  8. I ha d high hopes but the sauce and ham made this a watery mess so the extra time it's taking to finish cooking the moisture out. Is probably going to burn the bottom of t he crust. Boo!

  9. It's not common to use Sriracha here, although it is used as a general hotsauce in some quarters. Usually it's Wattie's tomato sauce – which personally, I don't like. This recipe was more her take on it – rather than the 'authentic kiwi' version. I've had several variations of this pie from friends and the differences include using puff pastry, sliced onions, and some put tomato in there too.

  10. OK, but do they use it in NZ???
    The kind we usually use in the USA — what this woman is probably using — is from a Chinese company in California…not like the original Thai stuff.

  11. Except your not supposed to cook the Ketchup into it. A bit of Watties Tomato Sauce/Ketchup on the side does the trick,

  12. Ahhh how I love living in NZ. But damn, now I want one. I'm going to have to go to the Gas Station and get one. Grrrr Supermarkets closed for NYD…

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