How To Make Banh Mi at Home (The Easy Way)

Banh Mi, sometimes also called the Vietnamese Sandwich, is a fusion food from before there was fusion food. A tasty byproduct of turbulent world history, if you will. This video is my easy banh mi recipe with lemongrass pork and Vietnamese pickles!


???? Banh Mi Pickles Recipe
2 kohlrabi or 1 daikon raddish, in matchsticks
2 large carrots, in matchsticks
5 slices ginger
5 cloves garlic, smashed
150g sugar
50g salt
150g (or more) hot water
300g white vinegar

???? Banh Mi Mayo Recipe
100g mayo
50g room temperature butter
1 whole 7 minute egg
1 pinch msg

???? Banh Mi Toppings
Shaved Cucumber
Jalapeno / Chili Slices

???? Banh Mi Protein
Meat / Tofu / Shrimp
2 stalks lemongrass
1 shallot
1 clove garlic
1 Tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp white pepper
2 tsp fish sauce

Video by Andong

Channel Manager Jacques Wecke

20 Replies to “How To Make Banh Mi at Home (The Easy Way)”

  1. I've been to HCMC and whatever Banh Mi I eat has to be smeared with pate. Maybe you can try this another time.

  2. Always love it when new videos come up in my feed! I love banh mi sandwiches but have never been able to make them because the ingredients are hard to find. I will attempt yours lol!

    I pimp my mayo always. #kewpielife ????

  3. Im sorry but the bread is soooo important and is incredibly different from your normal Brötchen!!! If u ever tasted a banh mi bread you’ll know it’s soooo much softer and chewier and lighter. U need to roll the dough into logs and wet the oven air and the baguettes themselves!!

  4. …but…but… you're not a German dude…. you're russian or Ukrainain as far as I remember. An seems to me that russian, considering how you hide it.

  5. The soft inside can also be the choice of flour. French baguette flour T65 has a firm bite. And offcourse the cheaper flours with less gluten need more additives to rise.

  6. Unorthodox but still good. I would say the missing not-so-secret ingredient for me is Maggie seasoning.

  7. I don't know if this is a Canadian thing but most Bahn Mi here have a layer of liver patè as well. That's the only thing missing to make your version perfect. Jalapenos and roasted peanuts are optional but usually encouraged.

  8. You made it so far and it may be regional but I am sorry you did not mention jalapenos

  9. Fortunate to live in an area with a good size Viet community, and I still go pick up a bag of these from time to time. The better ones are every bit as good as those in Saigon = but I want them with pate and the more esoteric meats. Nothing quite like it to me.

  10. If I'm going to go shopping for a roll to make my sandwich, I'll just buy a damned sandwich. What's wrong with you ?

  11. In Northern California HeadCheese is used as the protein and chicken livers are used as a spread like the mayo. Jalapenos are sliced to give the Banh Mi a kick.

  12. Holy shit, it just got to my attention that it's "Kohlrabi" in German AND English… ????????????

  13. I can tell you that the "hoagie roll" you might get in the US is nowhere near as awesome as the brotchen you are getting everywhere in Germany. I'd absolutely love to find a good brotchen here.

  14. When I was living in Germany, I got the impression that Banh Mi wasn't popular or a thing altogether. German bakeries has some of the best bread available and it's very cheap. This video marks the first time seeing a German take on Banh Mi (for me). I was hoping to see some fish sauce incorporated into the meat portion as that is our staple seasoning for just about every savory dish we have. In any case, I would 100% eat this.

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