How to make ENCHILADAS without an oven | Chicken Enchiladas EASY

I recently saw a comment asking for a stovetop version of my baked enchiladas. The commenters oven stopped working, so they asked for a stovetop method. I decided to make easy chicken enchiladas.

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⭐️ENCHILADA Sauce 2 ways

⭐️Ground Beef Enchiladas

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25 Replies to “How to make ENCHILADAS without an oven | Chicken Enchiladas EASY”

  1. This video comes at a great time!!! We’re having a family dinner at my son’s house this weekend but his oven doesn’t work and is waiting to get a gas line in to switch from electric to gas stove—the wait time is several weeks. ???? I was planning on just catering the food but think I’ll make some of these enchiladas instead. Thanks for sharing your video.❤

  2. We tried your enchilada sauce. The best we ever had. Keep up the great work. Watch you all the time.

  3. Thank you for showing this video I really enjoyed it I'm going to make it for my girlfriend tomorrow night your friend Lenny❤

  4. I’ve made those enchiladas with ground beef and it was amazing! My husband has never liked enchiladas until your recipe ❤

  5. My oven is broken ????‍♀️ I've been making stove top enchiladas for a long time.

  6. Hey Simply Mama where are you from? your cooking reminds me of food I grew up on here in South Texas!

  7. I never thought of doing them this way. ???? I usually put my enchiladas in the microwave to melt the cheese.

  8. I love this. My oven has been smoking in a scary way so I haven't used it for awhile. Those look scrumptious! Thanks so much Angelica for this recipe.

  9. Hi I love your recipes can u please tell me how u make the sauce it looks so good its just me and my husband eating we can cook it on top of the stove thank u ????????❤️❤️???????????? ????

  10. That looks awesome! What’s your favorite canned enchilada sauce that I can get at Walmart? If there is one. Btw. The Marry Me Chicken crockpot recipe turned out great!! Thanks.

  11. Yum enchiladas are my comfort food. I did this one time when my ovan wouldn't work.????????♥️♥️♥️

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