How to: Make Round Paper Beads, Pt 1, by JaniceMae

Janice is demonstrating how to measure and cut catalog/magazine pages and turn them into round paper beads. Part 2:, Keep up with Janice at: (The hub) (The blog) (The Etsy shop, of course) (feeds – Etsy, the Blog and Youtube)

11 Replies to “How to: Make Round Paper Beads, Pt 1, by JaniceMae”

  1. Wonderful! Just ordered two of your bead roller tools for my sister and me. Thank you for this video.

  2. Janice good job even though it's so slow but it is amusing and a exciting tutorial step for mastering the workπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. yes janice would you please do a tutorial on that ring and bracelet you have on. And if you have one please send me the link to it. ty so much love you

  4. Hi Janicethanks for the tutorialwhere can I get that bamboo roller that you have?

  5. A bumble roller? I have not seen or heard of this before. Where can I find out more about this roller? Thank you, and Peace to you.

  6. Hi JANICE…i just discovered you. Great video!! I subscribed. I can't stop staring at your ring and braclet. I'd love to know how to make those if you do other beading tutorials as well

  7. Hi Janice I love πŸ’• your Chanel I’ve just started making beads again and love the way you teach . Your very gentle.and relaxing.i love to watch the colours change when am making my beads it makes me feel good and as if I was in a kind of meditation πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ xxxx thank you πŸ™ xxxx

  8. I Janice this is wonderful. I would like to learn from you and do it in my country
    How can i have your adress. I am from Africa

  9. What is that tweezer-like tool you are using at the 10:14 mark, do you sell them? Thank you for your awesome videos

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