How to Make Super Simple Creole Gumbo – for your Super Bowl Party!

Gumbo Recipe!

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  1. 5:08 Blend the flour and oil with wooden spoon.
    5:56 Stir in seasonings until really soft, about 10 minutes. Then add bay leaf.
    7:10 Add the chicken breast; cook about 15 min

  2. wusthof knifes… so she know what she is doing.. but the steal is to be used after sharpening to get rid of the unseen particles from the wet stone..

  3. Thanks!!I wanna try this but I think I want okra in mine because I love it!!! At what point could I add okra?

  4. Hahahaha omg girl girl girl you are too funny I love this gumbo recipe I will have to try it out a little sum in different for me but I have been wanting to try a gumbo out for my family so thanks sis I appreciate it god bless.

  5. yay i have been hunting for this video all day i made this gumbo a few weeks ago it was lovly. thank you so much for this recipe.

  6. Thanks for that GREAT hint, concerning the plastic bag, for the throw-out-stuff!!
    You are SO right about the tomatoes..I ALWAYS put them in Gumbo….Anyway, thanks for this great recipe and the hits…BTW, my Gumbo came out SO great….We near-about licked the bowls!! THANKS!!!

  7. Love it! Everybody makes it different, don't listen to them hatters! Lol. I personally love tomatoes.

  8. great recipe. ive always put tomatoes in my gumbo so im not sure why everyone is questioning it… the great thing about gumbo is that you can put whatever your heart desires in it. thanks for sharing!

  9. I love your gumbo recipe all the way up til u put in the tomatos, I know that people put it in, but in the southeren part of Louisiana ( Opelousas) there is no tomatos in gumbo. But you are the first person I came across on here so far who didn't piut okra in, THANK YOU, I love the wy you put in lot of meat, now thats a gumbo. I know I sound backward a little but everything u did was great. I just don't think tomatos belong. But its your gumbo, enjoy and great job .

  10. This will be the first time that I will make Gumbo…I'm following my late Grandmother's recipe…with a FEW tweaks to it since I want to make it with a nice DARK roux and I'm making it for my parents and saving some for my roommate back at school and she hates oysters…so editing that as well from my Grandmother's recipe…can't wait to go "make groceries" and GET STARTED! I'm VERY excited as you can tell…Glad I found your page!

  11. finally got to making this and my was very watery…. not sure where i went wrong other than i know it didn't reduce much during the 1 hour boil. i think my pot was too narrow…

  12. @purpleladydragon gumbo does mean okra but alot of ppl dont put it in theirs…i like it both ways! 🙂

  13. us northerners can also gumbo file, and Cajun seasoning online @ amazon

  14. Thanks for sharing this! I'm a big fan of Tony Chachere too. What did you call it again? T-Zet?

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