How to Make the Best STRAWBERRY MEXICAN POPSICLES with Chamoy and Tajin | PALETAS de PICAFRESA

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It’s another beautiful day and it sure is getting hot in here, so today we are going to make paletas de fresa con Chamoy y Tajin basically a picafresa paleta it’s seriously so refreshing and the best part super easy to make ???? ☺️???? I hope you enjoy it as much as we do and if you do please let me know in the comments and if you new here, welcome, become part of our family it is FREE, just hit that subscribe bottom ☺️ I promise you, you will not regret it ♥️ love you all thank you again got joining us today!


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Pots & pans using atm Ourplace Website –
Always Pan 2.0 –
Cast Iron –
blender- Vitamix A3500

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✅ don’t have the molds no problem make them into bolis using plastic bags or place them in cups
1 1/2 lbs fresh strawberries
1 cup water
1 1/4 cup sugar
3 tbsp Tajin
5 tbsp chamoy of your choice
1 Serving of love ????

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29 Replies to “How to Make the Best STRAWBERRY MEXICAN POPSICLES with Chamoy and Tajin | PALETAS de PICAFRESA”

  1. Happy New day my beautiful family it sure is getting too hot in here so let’s me our favorite paletas de picafresa! Believe me when I tell you this are the BEST you cantaste the strawberries the Chamoy tajin, they are not too sweet they are just simply perfect! If you don’t have the molds in hand don’t let that stop you, make them in little ziplock Baja or even in cups, cheers and enjoy! ????❤

  2. Natalie & Geo are sure lucky to have a mom who makes them delicious Authentic????Mexican meals/treats yummy! yummy!????????

  3. MARRY ME and I will allow you to make me these popsicles EVERY DAY for at least a year, maybe two. THEN SOMETHING DIFFERENT possibly better but we'll play that by ear.

  4. I've seen Chamoy, but I don't know what it is or how it tastes. I've been a subscriber and I love your recipes ????????????

  5. Great cool treat for S.W Arizona. ???? what was the spicy ingredient? Keep them coming enjoy all your videos.

  6. Just finished tending to our strawberry patch. Will have to pick up some chamoy and try this one 🙂

  7. Stuck here with no AC. This would be perfect. Thanks as always for sharing mami!! ????????????????????????

  8. I can’t wait to try these! You always dress so cute. Do you have a Poshmark? I would love to buy your old outfits you don’t want ????

  9. I love making horchata, Sandia, Melon, I guess any aqua frescas flavors into paletas.

  10. Ice cream man just passed by our house and thought..pshhh! that fool has nothing on Claudia's paletas.????

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