How to Organize a Closet, Pantry & More (w/ Monica from The Weekender)

There’s a few areas in the home that always seem to attract messes: entryways, pantries, closets & under-sink cabinets. Monica Mangin from the Weekender shares her expert DIY organization tips & tricks for tidying each of them up for good.


Floating shelves –
Storage bins & baskets –
Cabinet knobs –
Mail organizer –
Shoe tray –

1×2 ledger board –
Shelf wood –
Pull-out drawer –
Clear bins –
White glass marker –
Door shelving –

Coat closet
Closet org kit –
Door hooks –
Pole hangers –

Under-sink cabinet
Pull-out kitchen caddy –
Stacking baskets –
Clear door sticking bins –
Plastic bag basket –

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29 Replies to “How to Organize a Closet, Pantry & More (w/ Monica from The Weekender)”

  1. Loved under the sink! That worked really well. Under my sink is so scary and nasty! I don't have too much so I guess I just need to clean, paint, measure, magic, and put everything back.

  2. I just saw your do the finishing touches, can we see how you measure, buy, cut timber, mitre, and then most of all fix the batons to the wall, please. Ive never used a drill.

  3. Pantry revamp was very good. Pantrys r hard 2 maintain. Cause u want 2 put up ur gro 2 get it done, but if u hsv a good sys in place its not so hard

  4. Kids snacks in easy to reach are so they can help themselves?! For real?! Now I know why USA is dealing with obesity :/ I love that chanel but I don't think someone recheck video before posting :/

  5. Entryway… Such a fail! Mail need to be open and dealt with streight away, bills paid, statements (if you getting paper ones good save the trees!) scanned (mobile apps work perfect) and packaging open and used as you bought it to used not sit in entryway in box :/ plus space for 2 pair of shoes it's a joke not storage/organisation solution…

  6. As an indian lol this doesn’t apply to me because nobody here uses these things. But I still love watching this stuff

  7. the pantry organization was great! would like to see more organization on every room. would be very helpful to everyone.

  8. Love Monica! Please bring more great videos like this one — but don't work too hard. She doesn't look too happy in this video so do rest well!

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